((I finally got time away so I decided to come back today! Is there anyone I owe or anything? It’s been awhile and I’ve missed it!))

The point is, I have people I can count on. I’ll make it through.

What do you think of the skype family - each one of them, Serah?

I’ll start with you, Balthier! I enjoy talking to you about my baby and gushing over how he’s been adorable and also about things like clothes and movies and just random fun topics of conversation. You’re so supportive and sweet to me and I’m always happy when you trust me to talk to things about. I just love to encourage you and make you feel loved, you know?

Speaking of my baby, it’s no secret that I adore and dote on Gabranth. He is like a son to me and I always want to be there whenever he desires a little chat or some encouragement. He’s so dedicated too, he’ll put aside things to help others if they need him. You can tell he really cares and really tries, even when he might not feel up to it. And it really is fun to hear him getflustered emote whenever we’re teasing talking passionately about something with puppy baby!

Basch is such a lovely person. You can tell he really cherishes all the time he can get to speak with us, since he’ll always try and stay up until he’s passed out over the computer. He and I tend to build up on each other too, whether it’s support or tenderness or just screaming and drinking things to work us up. He’s like a partner in crime and a knight all in one and it makes for a friend for a lifetime.

Tidus is a big ball of sunshine and happiness. He could be going back and forth alllll over the place and he’d still get on to tell us he’s okay and hear our voices. You can also tell he always wants to contribute and I love the fact that someone enjoys a similar assortment of music and wants to sing it!

Cally is really adorable. I can’t stress how much she is like Vanille, not even saying she is canon would work. Her art just makes me want to curl up and wibble and she’s just so chocotastic. No, chocobocorific. Just all of it okay? I love to hear her giggle because it’s just squeal inducing in how cute it is and she just knows so much that I feel like a little one that’s got a big knowledgeable Pulsian sister to praise.

Snow has the biggest heart and it’s pretty sweet that he’s always vying for my attention. I love getting all the little notes for him because it makes me feel pretty special. In a way, it makes shipping Serah/Snow easier because I understand how we actually work (Since we’re apparently canon them) He’s just a really kind hearted guy and he can be super considerate and caring to the point where I just want to smother him with love, you know?

Vayne is wonderful because he’s always willing to chat and he’s super passionate about everything he puts his efforts into. He’s always willing to speak up and try new things and get out there, so I really admire how active he is. He also listens as much as he speaks, which is something many people lack. 

While I still don’t talk much with Yuna, I can tell she’s a lovely girl and I’m glad she’s in the family. When she and Tidus interact, I can’t help but feel the fondness (of friendship) that’s between their characters too. She’s very kind and cute and helpful!

All of the Lightnings are wonderful, honestly. They’re all so open and show different facets to their characters and themselves! I can’t help but think of them as my sisters and I hold dear to my heart every single moment spent with them. I can never wait too long until I have to speak to them again!

I’m going to count Larsa too, since he is around and all! Larsa is always so kind and willing to talk even when he may not feel quite so chipper. I love the way he talks because there’s just something so engaging about it. You feel like he’s really connecting with you and trying to make you feel special. He’s also full of surprises and our conversations make at least me want to stay up all night when we’re into it. Besides, I love attempting to slay my emperor~

I know there’s plenty of other people I talk to on Skype that aren’t included in the official family, but know that I adore you all so much and I’d hate to see anyone ever go. I love you! <3